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Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (données partielles)

Pays : Canada

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Citations de Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre [en anglais]

« I find writing and research very easy. But I'm used to doing everything. I edit the picture, the sound; I produce; I write the scripts; I do almost every part of my films. I hire people to do the things they can do better than I can—maybe I'm a control freak, maybe that's what it is, but I like to touch all facets of filmmaking. »
-- Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (source)

« I think I have two branches in my filmmaking styles. One is to make portraits of artists whom I really like, and the other side is to make more personal films. It's important for me, as a woman, to make personal films about women's issues. »
-- Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (source)

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