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Lynne Stopkewich (données partielles)

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Citations de Lynne Stopkewich [en anglais]

« The funny thing about being a director is that everyone wants you to have all the answers all of the time, but sometimes you just don't. I tend to admit this but it doesn't always engender confidence in your cast and crew. [...] I always have an idea of what I want but like to remain open to other ideas when they come up. Then I go with my gut. »
-- Lynne Stopkewich (source)

« You come out of film school and say, 'Oh, yes, I'm a hot-shot, and I'm going to do this film.' Then you realize what it takes to get a film off the ground, and get it made. [...] If I have any advice for first-time filmmakers, it would be to get really involved with the editing of their films. To see what they did right, and what they did wrong on the set. »
-- Lynne Stopkewich (source)

Citation sur Lynne Stopkewich [en anglais]

« [Lynne] Stopkewich's relationship to feminism has been a complex one, involving shifting allegiances and priorities, difficult negotiations within the frankly patriarchal world of commercial feature filmmaking, and a carefully cultivated sense of ambiguity around cultural norms and definitions of femininity. »
-- Lee Parpart (source)

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Kissed (1996)

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Suspicious River (2000)

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