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Barbara Sternberg (données partielles)

Pays : Canada
Née : 1945

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Citations sur Barbara Sternberg [en anglais]

« [Barbara] Sternberg's films are not limited to a feminine perspective, they are above all humanist. Put simply, Sternberg's films look at how we are as humans in the world, expressed in a rich and vibrant filmic language. She has a rare ability to see and show where film's essential properties -- time, light, repetition -- intersect with and illuminate the big questions of the human condition. »
-- Gerda Cammaer (source)

« Sternberg, a tireless champion of experimental film since the mid-1970s, was one of the few women in Canada working in the genre at that time. Her films are both a product of and a challenge to the prevalent structuralist bent of her male counterparts. »
-- Wyndham Wise (source)

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