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Alma Duncan (données partielles)

Autre nom : Alma Mary Duncan
Pays : Canada
Née : 1917
Décédée : 2004

Films réalisés par Alma Duncan

Citations sur Alma Duncan [en anglais]

« Brimming over with ideas, two young Canadian film-makers, Alma Duncan and Babs McLaren, are on their way back to Ottawa to start their own production company. For the last four months, Alma and Babs have been on tour in Italy, France, Switzerland and Britain, absorbing tricks of the trade and technical hints they hope later to incorporate into their own productions. The two women, both in their early 30s, have a busy time ahead. Starting from scratch, they will rent and equip their own studios, make their own sets -- and their own film stars. [...] Not for the versatile Alma and Babs the ordinary medium of live actors. Instead, the stars of their 10-minute animated films will be wooden puppets -- carved and dressed with meticulous care by Alma herself. »
-- Canadian Press (source)

« Today Miss [Audrey] McLaren and Miss [Alma] Duncan work in a small studio in central Ottawa. They still possess very little equipment. 'Our only important piece of equipment is an extremely good camera,' remarks Miss McLaren. 'We found we could economize on everything but that.' The partners are each responsible for specific areas of the firm's work. All camera work is done by Miss McLaren while the planning, art work and animation is handled by Miss Duncan. Both partners make the puppets, though Alma Duncan makes all the faces. For instance, to portray his different emotions, the hero of Kumak the Sleepy Hunter needed 30 different faces. »
-- Dorothy Harley (source)

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Folksong Fantasy (1951)

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Kumak, the Sleepy Hunter (1953)

Articles de journaux ou de revues grand public

Brèves parties de thèses

Hearts and Soles (1956)

Brèves parties de thèses

Friendly Interchange (1959)

Articles de journaux ou de revues grand public

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