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« [At the National Film Board of Canada during World War II] there was tremendous time pressure and you know, we were working often eighteen hours a day and we were working on weekends, because our equipment was pretty much second hand and would break down and you had to be very patient, and of course we were doing the best we could and as quickly as we could and working very hard to do what was necessary at that time. But I think we were aware also—certainly many of us were—that we were building something, which we hoped would continue after the war, and that this was valuable to the people of Canada, that this was something special for Canada, and that we were laying the groundwork for it. »
-- Evelyn Spice Cherry

Source :
ROBERTSON, Joanne. « Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts; Evelyn Spice Cherry: The Idealist [video] », National Film Board of Canada / Office national du film du Canada, [en anglais]